What I’m working on now…

What do these beautiful hand-dyed cotton fabrics and scrim, and hand-dyed batiks…

1.1 - Jelly Beans Colorwheel - 18
1.2 - Cotton Candy Colorwheel - 18
1.3 - Cotton Candy Harem Cloth - 18
Batiks - Majestic - 28fq

and this have in common?

They're all part of the new online doll workshop I'm currently working on!  All I CAN say right now is that I love working with pretty colors, and I LOVE working on this class…more details soon!  I promise!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and Toodles!



  1. GORGEOUS hand-dyed fabrics!!
    So glad I found you through the miz kate dot com Artist blog hop!
    I am your newest blog follower. 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!
    I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!
    Mary C. Nasser

  2. Hi Mary! So happy you stopped by! I’m off to check out your blog!

  3. Oooh, these are gorgeous! Thank you so much for stopping by and for this amazing inspiration – I am so happy to have you 😉 xo

  4. Thank you Kristin! These fabrics were created by Ruby Mountain Dye Works, an Etsy shop…Karen is so talented and does custom orders…
    Thanks for stopping by! Hugs!

  5. This is a great post. Gorgeous shots. And you sparked my curiosity. I just stumbled along you blog and am very pleasantly surprised with my discovery. Gotta add you to my blog list.

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