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Wow…posting on my blog two days in a row…now that's a new record for me!  I wonder how long it will last?

Anyway, the reason I'm really posting is because one of our "Things with Wings" art doll workshop members posted her set of completed dolls yesterday on Willowing & Art Friends (where the workshop is being hosted).  All I could do for a few moments was sit there stunned…and as my co-instructor said, "my mouth just dropped open."  Stephanie Zito is that student…she's pregnant and getting ready to have her baby very soon, but she enrolled in the workshop anyway, and aspired to get her dolls done before the big day…now, I'm not a poet, but she got her dolls done before the big day in a big way!  OMG…and she gave me permission to share them on my blog…

FinishedBee2 - StephanieZito

The workshop consists of start to finish video instructions (all class materials are downloadable for you to save to your own computer) and will teach you how to make and complete three different "Things with Wings."  Obviously this is a bee…how cute are those honeycombed wings!

FinishedButterfly - StephanieZito

We teach you how to paint faces and create cute tutus…the fabrics Stephanie used are awesome!  Oh yeah, this is her butterfly!  Brianne designed the wings and the antenae…cute…cute…cute!  Did I mention that it is a WHIMSICAL art doll workshop?

FinishedDragonfly2 - StephanieZito

And this is the dragonfly…OMG…could they be any cuter? Do you see the beautiful faces?  Stephanie painted them, but the face template is my own design that I provided the students with in case they didn't feel comfortable painting their own faces on their dolls…and I demonstrated a method of applying the face on the doll itself, just to reassure our students they could NOT mess them up!  I'm hoping more of the members of the workshop post their creations…THIS is why I love to teach…not just to instruct, but to provide our students with enough techniques and ideas so they can create their own dolls…we did NOT teach Stephanie to layer her tutus like THIS…that's all her…BUT she is a beginner doll-maker…and if you've never made a doll, we'll help you succeed as well…this workshops is for someone who has never made a doll in their lives…Brianne takes you by the hand (well, almost literally) and shows you how to sew and stuff your dolls…she gets you up close and personal!  I demonstrate several surface design techniques that you can use to paint your fabrics even before they're made into dolls…but if you don't want to do that, Brianne shows you how to paint your completed dolls' faces, and then proceeds to show you how to paint the bee and an alternative way of completing the dragonfly.  I'll show you how to complete the butterfly. 


This is one of Brianne's dragonflys.

And this is the lower body of another…she shows you how to drape the fabric to create the costume…so cute!


And look at this totally whimsical take on the bee that she makes in one her instructional videos:


I mean, how cute is this!  Those painted "buttons!"  She demonstrates how to make these wings in the video too!

And I share how to create this "goth moth"…



Very simple technique to alter your black and white printed fabric!


The workshop is still open for registration, and although it will soon be a self-study workshop (meaning it's no longer officially active), we'll still be around to help and guide you…our ultimate goal is our desire to see our members succeed and complete their dolls!  So, please join us…and if you do, you'll be treated to a discount on "Things with Wings 2" that will be coming up this fall…and trust me, you won't want to miss that one!  We take "Things with Wings" even further (although it will still be designed for beginners and advanced beginners)…new dolls…new techniques…totally fun!

As always, thank you SO much for stopping by!

Hugs and Toodles!



  1. Thank you so much for featuring my dolls on your blog Anita!!! You are so sweet!!! I had so much fun taking this course!!! Thank you for hosting it and all your hard work! I’m looking forward to Things With Wings 2!!!!

  2. Hi Stephanie! You are more than welcome! Thank YOU for allowing me to post them on my blog! Seeing your creations made all the hard work that Brianne and I put into this workshop so worth it! That’s really what teaching is all about for me…to share what I know and hopefully to inspire someone else to create! Hugs!

  3. These dolls are so cute. I’m following you here now. Please come look at my blog and maybe you’ll want to do the same. Helps me keep track of people by visiting my followers.
    Coleen in Ukraine

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