Things with Wings Online Workshop – Open for registration!


Hi everyone!  I just wanted to quickly share a bit about my next online workshop!  This is my third, and I'll be co-teaching with Brianne Boyd of Sweet Limes.  We will be conducting the workshop at Tam LaPorte's Willowing & Artist Friends, and we couldn't be more excited! 


Brianne and I met early this year when she took both my previous online art doll workshops, and we've become great friends as we both share a passion for designing art dolls! 


This workshop will teach you how to create three different dolls with wings, a bee, a butterfly, and a dragonfly.  We'll be demonstrating everything, step-by-step through video instructions and PDFs with written instructions as well.  All materials are downloadable and for the student to keep!  Not only will we be teaching how to construct the dolls, but we'll be teaching a variety of surface design and mixed media techniques that the students will be able to use in other projects again and again!


This is just a brief syllabus of what each lesson will entail.  The workshop if four weeks long, but the class materials will be available for two months after that, and Brianne and I will both be available to answer all questions and concerns.


Lesson 1: Pattern and Fabric Preparation.  We’ll demonstrate how to prepare your patterns once you’ve printed them out, and teach you how to make your own customized fabric from plain muslin…no need to buy expensive materials and supplies for this workshop!  We will be teaching you several surface design techniques that you will be able to apply to all your art-making…not just for making dolls!


Lesson 2: We’ll teach you how to sew and stuff your doll bodies…each doll has the same head and upper body with joined arms.  Each doll also features a different lower body…obviously…because we’re going to teach you three different dolls!


Lesson 3:  Brianne will teach you how to create easy-to-do beautiful wings…three different sets, one for each doll type.  You won’t believe how easy it will be for you to achieve amazing wings for each of your dolls!


Lesson 4:  We put it all together!  We’ll teach you how to paint your dolls’ faces, the bodies, how to assemble your dolls with just a few simple stitches, and to bring it all together, we’ll teach you how to create three different tutus, one for each doll, made with either tulle or netting…you won’t believe how cute AND easy they will be to make!


Each lesson will be taught in several video episodes. Come join us for a whimsically fun four-week journey as we lead you to creating your own art dolls! 


This class is geared to the beginning dollmaker, but will prove fun for more experienced doll artists as well!  For more info and registration, click on the badge in the sidebar or click here.  Tam's group is free to join if you need to be a member to see the information.


As always, thank you so much for stopping by today!


Hugs and Toodles!




  1. What beautiful work! Your dolls are amazing 😉 Good luck with your class, Kristin xo

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