The Summer of Color – Brown Color Challenge

Okay…I'm weeks behind everyone else, but I've been doing the work…I'm not a slacker!  I really have been keeping up with all the Summer of Color challenges, just have been so busy that I haven't taken the time to take photos. 

This week I finished filming and uploading the last of my art doll lessons that my friend Brianne and I are co-teaching at Willowing & Art Friends.  There is still time to register!  The class will remain up for at least several more weeks, and all the lesson materials are downloadable, so you don't have to finish up that soon…and I'll always be around to help if you need it, so don't sit on the fence any longer!  You'll learn so cool techniques that you can apply to other art projects as well…

So, here are my brown color challenges…I made three, and it wasn't until I was editing the photos that I noticed one of the dresses has no buttons…I'll need to fix that…a dress with no buttons?  I don't think so…


  Brown is not one of my favorite colors…


It just doesn't scream "happy" to me…


I feel like a Tootsie Roll when I wear it…but I guess it deserves it's time to shine…


Okay…this really isn't me…I'm older…

As always, thanks for stopping by!  I SO appreciate it!

Hugs and toodles!



  1. DON’T put buttons on that dress! I think it’s perfect as is….it’s my favourite of the three and you know I am a brown lovin’ girl. Had to laugh about the whole tootsie roll thing though, never thought of that before but the next time I throw brown on you know I’ll be chuckling about it.

  2. Fabulous! Good luck with your class at Willowing! How wonderful – I wish you love and luck, xo

  3. Thank YOU Kristin for always stopping by and leaving a comment! Thank you as well for hosting this deliciously fun blog challenge! I really enjoyed this and can’t wait for the one next summer!

  4. I think your dresses are sweet. And that tootsie roll at the end made me chuckle.

  5. Anita your little dresses are so very sweet… hope your class goes well…
    Jenny x

  6. so very very sweet….well wished for your class…xxx

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