The Joy of Sewing Doll Clothes

Wow!  What a week (or two) it's been!  We've been getting lots and lots of snow, and our electrical power as been flickering on and off…a little incovenient as I was busy uploading videos for the online class I'm teaching…and everytime the power went off, the computer went off, and the upload quit…a little challenging, but I got through it!

I had so much fun filming my portions of the collaborative beginners' doll class I'm teaching at Hands and Heart with Monica!  The first video was the most difficult…I was SO nervous I could barely talk, and I had developed a bad cold and lost my voice…but I was able to complete my portions of the class!  The class offers those new to dollmaking a great way to guarantee success…the body is easy to sew and stuff, the clothes are simple enough to be sewn my hand but have enough options to truly personalize, and I demonstrated several techniques to alter the bleached muslin so the clothes are truly one-of-a-kind creations…I did the first two lessons, and now it's Monica's turn to teach us how to paint our dolls, including the beautiful faces for which she's known…

This class also gave me the opportunity to dig out some of those supplies that I have stashed, and find new uses for them…here's a sample of the outfits I designed, with hand-dyed fabric that's been stamped with a handmade stamp, and features stenciling as well. 


Shamrock dress

Thank you SO much for stopping by today!  Keep warm!

Toodles and Hugs!


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