Bookmobile Monday – “Sew Wild” by Alisa Burke


I've admired Alisa's art and worth ethic for several years and have had the pleasure of taking most of her online workshops…I know she worked really hard on this book, and all I can say is it was well worth the wait! This is a great book for beginners and for those with more experience. She keeps the supply list short and, as she does with her workshops, she tries to keep the list of supplies as inexpensive as possible. She is a great instructor, and makes every technique and project very doable with outstanding results. As a bonus, she has included a DVD where she demonstrates some of her techniques up close and personal such as free-motion stitching on her sewing machine. 

The book is beautiful and filled with lots of colorful pictures and examples…she also includes some patterns for some of the projects. 


The best part of the book for me is learning how to combine several of the art mediums and techniques that I love using to create my own surface design for fabric. Now I can really create 100% of my own designs! 

The book is divided into five sections: 
1. Materials and Tools (lots of pictures and detailed descriptions) 
2. Color, Pattern, and Inspiration (she takes you by the hand and shows you how she gets inspired and where she gets her ideas) 
3. Stitching Techniques (she demonstrates not just how to sew on the sewing machine, but how the stitching can add to the overall design and/or project) 
4. Projects (one dozen projects including bracelets, belts, laptop and phone cases, pillows, aprons, scarf, and hat) 

Alisa also includes a list of recommended reading and sources for some of the supplies. 

I had this book on my wishlist since it was listed at Amazon. It was well worth the wait!  I give it five stars!




  1. I’m laid out flat on the floor from shock that you have this book! 😉 I’ve been wondering about this one myself, so I’m glad to see you gave it a thumbs up. Too bad I can’t get it at the local library!

  2. HaHa!!! You’re hilarious! Actually I love this book! If you’re at all interested in surface design, this would be a great book to start with! Too bad you don’t live closer…I’d lend you mine…but only after you pick yourself up off the floor!!! LOL! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs!

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