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Wow!  I know I say this all the time, but it sure has been a long time since I checked in…let me just say that the past two months have been crazy busy, and I’m loving it!

My two granddaughters came to spend a week back in June, and as luck would have it, somehow, some way, I convinced my daughter to let my  youngest granddaughter spend the summer!  The oldest, Brianna, is on the junior varsity cheerleading team this coming school year and had a ton of obligations so she had to return home, but Kristen and I have been having a blast! 

Those two dear girls are seriously so talented!  While Brianna was here she made a mixed media dollhouse featuring Marie Antoinette’s garden and a paper doll of Marie herself!  I, of course, forgot to take pictures of it while she was here, so hopefully that will be coming soon…I’ll take pictures of it when we go to visit them on Labor Day weekend.

Kristen has been busy sewing and painting and embroidering and learning to knit and sketching…I cannot count how many little blankets and pillows she has pieced together…and she is a huge fan of Amy Butler fabrics!  She’s also painted several large paintings on muslin.  One she did with Shiva Paintstix…with her fingers…messy indeed, but what a painting she made!  We had a fun shopping day at our local dollar store (which is now $1.19 but still a bargain) and our local quilt shop…she stocked up on fat quarters and half yard pieces, and then placed an order with fabric.com for some Amy Butler pieces.  Both girls are seriously into arts and crafts and their grandmother couldn’t be happier!


I on the other hand have hardly had time to make any art since I enrolled in art school, again…my last program of study was for a diploma in graphic design…apparently I didn’t find that challenging enough because now I’m pursuing an associates degree in graphic design, and, if I live long enough, will go on for my bachelor’s degree!  I just finished my first class today, and all I can say is wow!  What a whirlwind of a class!  The classes are only 5.5 weeks for online students, and are VERY fast paced!  My first class was computer literacy, and the first week was a breeze…Microsoft Word…I use it all the time, so not a challenge…and then came Excel (seriously, what art student needs algebra?  NO one told me that you need to know the algegraic order of whatever the heck they’re called thingys for Excel!)…OMG…but I aced the assignments…and then in a flurry came Photoshop (because Photoshop Elements wasn’t challenging enough…not), AND THEN came Adobe Illustrator…both very cool programs but not something you learn in a couple days!  I also had a taste of PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat…here’s my Illustrator project…designing a magazine cover that reflected our interests and field…


And lastly…I’ll leave you with the mixed media piece I made for my dad and stepmother’s Mother’s and Father’s Day gift…


I’ve got tons more going on, and hopefully, if I don’t forget, will share more of this wild and crazy creative life I’m leading!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!




  1. I have dropped by to thank you for your commiseration about haircuts, lol. Do you have any photos?
    Speaking of photos, I can’t see any of the images on your blog. I am on Safari if that helps.

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