Praierie Papier Goodies!

I can’t give many details yet, but I’ve been busy here at Praierie Papier.  I’m working on some exciting new product offerings for my customers that will not only make their busy lives easier but will also enhance their creativity. 

Want more details?  Stay tuned…not that I don’t want to divulge more, I just want to make sure that I’m not making promises I can’t keep!  Okay, one hint…it involves kits…but that’s it…that’s all I have to say about that (do I sound like Forrest Gump yet?  LOL).

A special thank you also goes out to all my faithful readers and customers!  You make what I do so much fun and so rewarding!  So, if there’s anything you want to see here or would like me to offer YOU, either leave a comment or send an email.  If it’s within my abilities I’ll do my best to keep you content!!!


  1. I am so anxious to see what you have planned. Don’t make us wait too long!

  2. Hi Nancy–
    You’ll just have to be patient! I’m hoping to have “something” up by the 1st of November! I even have Chris helping with this (my very dh)!
    Love ya sis!

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