Panache – Art Journal Workshop only $25 through December 31!

I have decided to offer my art journal workshop for my "Christmas special"; only $25 through December 31!

Here is info:

pa nashnoun; a grand or flamboyant manner, style,flair

Panache – Define and Refine Your Style!

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For all those who want to develop their own artistic style, whether they are mixed media artists, fiber artists, crafters…anyone who wants to grow…this is for you!

Panache is a six lesson art journaling course for beginners and the more experienced alike!  Six fun-filled lessons of beautiful PDFs and video instruction, all materials and videos will be downloadable and are yours to keep.  The workshop is ongoing, and will be held on my Ning group, Just Be Yourself.

Students will need to join Just Be Yourself in order to access the classroom, but membership is free!  More information is available at!

Please contact me if you have any questions (

The popularity of art/visual journaling grows day by day, yet there are so many that say they don't know where to start, or what to do!

You may be asking yourself, "What IS art journaling?  And all those art supplies!  What are they, what do they do, where in the world do I find them?  How do I even begin?"

I've been wanting to do an art journaling workshop for quite a long time, but I wanted to be able to offer something truly helpful, fun, educational…and now the time is right!

This workshop is going to focus on the basics, but will also be challenging for the more experienced.  We're also going to explore style…finding your own personal style is really about discovering yourself!  This will be a time for researching, experimenting, and discovering what YOU like and what is important to you.  There are no rules in art journaling except the ones you set for yourself!

Each of the  six weekly lessons will feature a different "style" and the workshop will also include the following components:

Basic Color Theory, Mixing Colors, and Developing Color Schemes– you will learn to be more confident about mixing and using color in your own pages!

Basic Design Principles– nothing to be afraid of, and just learning some basics will give you a creative edge!

Art Supply Video Demos– I'll teach you about lots of art supplies through video instruction, then YOU can determine if you want to buy!

Backgrounds and Borders-  I provide you with patterns, borders, and doodles to help you start your pages!

Creative Lettering and Embellishing– you'll learn a bit about creative lettering!

Journal Boxes and Frame Designs– different journal "boxes" for you to add to your pages.

YOUR Turn!– Each week's lesson will include videos featuring techniques, tools, and handcrafted resources including instruction on making and using stencils and masks; making texture using found objects; making your own stamps; mark makers using simple household and found objects; and re-purposing items to add your own flair to your pages!  You'll be able to watch me create my pages from start to finish.

Each week you receive  beautiful, originally designed, very informative PDF lessons to print out and put in your "workbook."  There are also a large number of style sheets and patterns for creating your own stencils and stamps!  The PDF lessons each week roughly consist of about 20 pages of info and instruction!

I'm purposely keeping the required supply list short.  I encourage you to use what you have on hand before purchasing more, however these are a few items I used:

Recommended Supplies:

Canson XL Mix Media Pad

This is a great starter journal.  The pages are heavy enough to hold up to wet and dry media, and consists of 60 pages…just enough to make it through the workshop!  Dick Blick has the required 9x 12" size for $6.00.  Hobby Lobby also carries them.

Pentel Oil Pastels (set of 50)

Dick Blick has the set of 50 that are inexpensive!

Graphite and/or charcoal pencil(great for adding shading to your art)

Acrylic paint(black, white, blue, red, yellow) – The brand is not important, inexpensive craft paints will work…no need to buy more colors unless you want

Color Pencils(again, any brand will do, even Crayola!)  I'll be demonstrating the use of "regular" color pencils like Prismacolor, Crayola, watercolor, pastel, and oil.

A Set of Watercolors –any brand will do, even Crayola!

Gesso(this is basically a white primer used to "base-coat" your pages; the brand is not important, I like to use Liquitex, (which is available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Dick Blick, etc.), but your can also use Golden's (which is more expensive) and Dick Blick also offers their own brand which is a nice quality as well

Matte gel medium or Mod Pauge, or Collage Pauge, glue stick(basically you will need something to glue "stuff" down)

Scissorsfor cutting paper

Markers(any type will work; for shading your creative lettering, etc.) not necessary but nice to have; Pentel has a nice inexpensive set, and Crayola has a fun set of 50 scented markers I found at Wal-Mart!

Black waterproof pen or marker(for doodling, lettering, etc.) I like a Pentel gel pen…there are several types available with different sized nibs like Micron, etc.

Sakura gel pens(not necessary but fun to have) These work great for art journaling!

Magazines and catalogs like Vogue, W, etc.(resources that you can cut up for the pictures, lettering, etc.) Check your local library to see if they have free giveaways, or a thrift store…you may be able to find resources on Ebay as well.  Use any images or text that you like!

I would recommend just getting the basics before class begins, and then after watching some of the videos, you can determine if you'd like to purchase more supplies or not…I'll be demonstrating many art supplies, but this is just to show you what they do and what the properties of each is.  You can easily get by with the journal, paint, a basic set of Crayola color pencils and markers, and a good waterproof pen or marker.

This workshop will be open indefinitely, so there is no hurry to finish!

 And now for a limited time, you may purchase this online class for only $25!  This reduced price is only available through December 25…after that the fee reverts back to $45. 

Register now:


What email will you use?

If you have any questions, please email me at
Also, before I forget, please know how much I appreciate all my readers, and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!
Hugs and Toodles!

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