Milliande’s Creativity Club Community for Women

Wow…I can’t believe how lax I am with my blogging lately!  It’s certainly not because I haven’t been keeping busy…and I’ll really, really try to do better…

If you’ve ever wanted to attend classes by those uber-talented artists…but lack either time and/or money, then on-line classes may be the answer to your dreams!  It truly presents the opportunity to learn a new craft or technique from the convenience of your own home, and oftentimes at your own pace and your own schedule.

I’m going to attempt to feature some of my favorites…if I don’t forget!  This post features Milliande…and her online community for women…one of the best features of Milliande’s Creativity Club for Women?  It’s FREE!

Milliande’s community offers something for practically everyone.  Want to learn how to begin art journaling (one of the most popular new art mediums today), Milliande offers videos, one-on-one help, and special groups.  Want to learn how to use “real” art supplies?  Help and tips are available.  Want to create art dolls?  Paper dolls?  Mixed Media?  It’s all there…

Here is just one of the many videos Milliande has produced.



You can check out Milliande’s Creativity Club for Women here:

What say you?

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