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The beginning of a new year often means we’re looking to make changes…losing weight, spending more time with our families, etc.  Sometimes it brings changes that we least expect. 

Last year I was contemplating working full-time as an artist again, however I was reluctant to give up my “day job” because it allowed me to work at home, it was easy, and I truly enjoyed it.  Sometimes decisions are made for us.

Last week Wednesday I was permanently laid off from my job.  Over 200 of us lost our work-at-home jobs as the company closed.  Now, while I search for another job it would seem that I “get to” live that creative life I only dreamed of last year.  I knew the layoff was coming…we were notified in March, so it wasn’t a complete surprise (well, in March it was). 

One of my best friends, Michelle (of the Studio at Crow Haven Farm), and I had been talking last year about how wonderful it would be to create art full-time, and how cool would it be to do it together.  We met online a year ago…we were both in many of the same online art classes and quickly became friends.  I’m continually astounded how much we have in common, sharing so many likes and dislikes.  Michelle was laid off from her job just before Christmas.  Coincidence?  I think not… 

Michelle is SO talented, and earlier this year she taught herself how to knit…no sooner had she learned and she was emailing me, telling me I just HAD to learn.  She sent a couple of You Tube links…I watched them and began telling myself, “yes, I CAN do this.”  That began another flurry of emails…we both addicted (years ago I tried to teach myself, and couldn’t get the hang of it).  Not only that, but over Easter vacation I taught six young boys and girls how to knit as well.  Michelle is my art buddy.

Michelle would have me believe that I can do anything.  She’s just that kind of person.  She’s generous with her praises and compliments, and with helping me to figure something out when it’s not working.  She is so talented, and she’s not afraid to try something new.  She is an extraordinary doll artist, and creates the most wonderful character dolls. 

This is one of them; her name is Cotton Candie:

Mish's doll

She got me to start drawing…seriously…we took drawing and painting classes together.  We’ve taken clay sculpting classes together.  And now she taught herself to crochet…I’m ready…I have my crochet hooks!  Michelle is my encourager.

Michelle knows that I have physical limitations.  She knows that I’ve had a chronic headache for over 5 1/2 years.  Michelle also believes in me, and she encourages me to work past the pain…to create…she knows that if I can just pick something up and begin, that soon the pain is pushed to the back of my mind, and before I know it, I’m enjoying myself…no, the pain doesn’t go away, but when I’m being creative, I’m not focusing on it either.  Michelle is my therapist!

So, we’ve been busy readying our joint Etsy shop for our grand opening on June 1.  Collectively we’re called, “Girls Artistically Together.”  Michelle lives in Pennsylvania; I live in ND…we’ve never met in person, but talk frequently on the phone (thank God we have the same cell phone provider), and every day we’re busy with a flurry of emails talking about new projects, planning, creating, teaching each other.  I love her dearly, and my life is definitely richer because of her friendship.  Michelle is my business partner.

Close up

“Hopefully” over the next two weeks I’ll be sharing more info on our shop, and offering a few more “sneak peeks.”  Guess what these are…

Back of rag cover

As always, thank you so much for stopping by today…I always appreciate visitors, and love your comments.  Until next time…




  1. You are one special lady and artist. The most important thing to do in life is to “Creative Art” no matter what. Everything else will fall into place. Keep Rocking Girl and can’t wait for the opening.
    Love ya MQ!

  2. Just stopped by from the where bloggers create party?
    have a great week.

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