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Familyportrait This past December Bombshell Stamps had a design team call…I placed an order for one set (when I apply for a design team I like to use their stamps, really only because it gives me an excuse to buy some, and I love “trying out” an unfamiliar stamp company-I mean, seriously, what stamper doesn’t?).  My two granddaughters, Brianna (age 12), and Kristen (age 10) were able to visit over Christmas vacation for an afternoon.  They were in Beulah visiting their other set of grandparents…anyway, they arrived and asked, “so Grandma, what are we going to do today?”  Actually, Brianna always greets me with, “hey Homey G, wassup?”  Kristen just grinned from ear to ear and said, “let’s scrapbook.”  Now, I am not a scrapbooker-I think I’ve made a total of two pages, and that took me over three hours.  I used a new glue stick that did not hold, and everything fell off my pages…all right…moving on with the story…we went down to my studio and Brianna commented on how messy it was…it’s always messy…and she is a great organizer…so she proceeded to start sorting and reorganzing…


Kristen had a pile of pictures of her Bassett hound puppy Bubba that she wanted to scrapbook, so IPicture 117-2 started getting out some supplies for her, and remembered the new stamp set from Bombshell Stamps…”A Pirate’s Life“, and Kristen is all about pirates…seriously, she has a number of pirate books and can tell you tons about “real” pirates…anyway, her face glowed and she had  big grin on her face.  I asked her if she would rather stamp than scrapbook…she said, “yeah, yeah…” so I started dragging out supplies…she creates like I do…a flurry of paper and ink and embellishments, and with each new thing she hadn’t seen or used before, her excitement grew and grew…she was totally enthralled in creativity heaven…Brianna, meanwhile, had moved from cleaning and organizing to applying pretty fairies and flowers on the walls of my studio.  I had ordered the Wallies off ebay several months ago, and still hadn’t put them up…she saw the package, asked what they were and what I was going to do with them (well, obviously nothing, they’re still in the package…), and she offered to put them up for me. 


Okay, I’m trying to not make this story any longer, but long story short, Kristen wanted to borrow the stamp set and supplies, and I said, “sure, but I need it back by (whatever date it was) so I could make my samples for the design team application…she asked if she could make a sample to submit (nothing like having high aspirations), and she left with a box full of stamping and scrapbooking supplies…fast forward about a week of nothing but bad weather and snowstorms…she wasn’t able to get my stamps back to me in time, and her sample was too late to submit, but I promised her it would be posted to my blog…so, here it is…I think she did a fantastic job with it…she created her own background with black card stock and Encore metallic inks…

And, as far as life being good…that afternoon was so much fun…just hanging out with two of my favorite people in the world, laughing, eating chocolate, creating, organizing…

And, this past week I had nerve blocks done in my head, neck, upper back, and shoulders, and the headache is gone from the back of my head!  Now, granted the headache isn’t gone, but it still is a great relief to have some of the pain gone, and for the past two days I’ve been feeling just super!  First time in months…I’m sleeping a bit better, and just feel cheerful…so, life is good…

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  1. Thanks for your comment Anita! What a gorgeous family you have!

  2. Brianna did an incredible job on that page. The background is awesome and goes just great with all of the elements she found. Well done!
    Just popped in to say hello. Your work is beautiful, Anita.
    Cheers! =D
    ~Kitty Kellie

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