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I love being creative, and I also love to read…I love learning…I think that it’s important to keep learning to keep life fresh, to make life enjoyable and rewarding, to keep the mind actively engaged…and as such I love stretching my abilities. 

There are some things that many may not know about me personally…at one time I was a Bible college student, studying by distance…I loved it, loved studying theology… along with studying theology I also studied hermeneutics, apologetics, Biblical Greek and Biblical Hebrew.  The Greek was very interesting to me, and I loved how the Greek language made New Testament passages come alive with more texture and meaning…there are many English words derived from Greek, the alphabet is similar, and I found it, for the most part, not only interesting, but rather fun and rewarding.  Biblical Hebrew on the other hand…let’s say it was interesting, but I found it very difficult, you read it “backwards,”  it is very different from English…I would imagine any mid-eastern language would be much the same for me…it’s difficult for me to pronounce, and more difficult to write.  My pastor, who was has an incredible gift for teaching, was invaluable to me as I sought to learn all I could about the Bible…and he loves Biblical Hebrew, which was a plus for me as I struggled with it. 

Now, you may wonder what my post, or even my blog, has to do with studying the Bible, with loving to study theology…well, because when I’m learning, I’m most happy…my soul just bursts with each bit of knowledge I learn, and I especially love it when I discover something new that I grow passionate about…twelve years ago my passion was learning about classical music.  I took a very involved introduction to great music, and it changed the way I listened to music and appreciate music…not just hard rock for me anymore!

I feel much the same way about my stamping journey that began two years ago in June when I signed up to become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.  I mainly decided to begin this venture because I loved being creative, and it had been over 15 years since I had done much of anything “crafty.”  My youngest sister is an SU! demo, so I signed up under her, and it gave us something to “obsess” about together (I’m more than a little ADD with a smattering of OCD)…when I get started with something I jump in with both feet!  Don’t just study the Bible, enroll in Bible college…don’t just enroll in Bible college…enroll in the toughest classes you can find for a first year student…don’t just be a student of the Bible, accept an invitation to travel to India as a short-term missionary to teach in remote villages, knowing full well you hate hot and humid weather, and India is very, very hot!  Ah, but I digress…

If you’ve been reading my blog for very long, you know that I’ve suffered with a chronic headache for over four solid years…it never goes away…initially I started stamping as a diversion to the pain, an effort to give my life more meaning, some way to be productive, as the headache makes it difficult to make plans to do anything since I don’t know from one day to the next how I’ll feel..if it will be moderately excruciating, severely excruciating, or just plain “I should stay in bed all day” excruciating.  Stamping has literally opened a whole new world to me…I’ve made so many “cyber” friends, I’ve discovered blogging, I’ve learned how to stamp, I’ve learned that there is a whole world of uber-fabulous crafting supplies out there…I’ve learned many beautiful techniques, and I’ve got a real studio!  And because of my new obsession hobby, I’ve discovered so many artists, and discovered the world of collage/mixed media!  And books…and cool magazines…


One of my newest acquisitions is a book called, “Taking Flight: Inspiration to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings” by Kelly Rae Roberts.  Many of you may already be familiar with her work that has been featured in the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors.  Amazon.com says this about her book…

“In Taking Flight, you’ll find overflowing inspiration—complete with a kindred spirit in author and mixed-media artist Kelly Rae Roberts. Join her on a fearless journey into the heart of creativity as you test your wings and learn to find the sacred in the ordinary, honor your memories, speak your truth and wrap yourself in the arms of community.

Along the way you’ll be inspired by:

  • Step-by-step techniques—learn the most-loved mixed-media methods of the author and seven talented contributing artists, and combine them in fresh and unexpected ways.
  • Thought-provoking prompts and quotes—along with encouraging stories, insights and gentle guidance for finding your bliss, whatever your art or craft.
  • Plenty of eye candy—pages and pages of the author’s endearing artwork, along with the varied works of the contributors.

Of course, learning to fly isn’t entirely a step-by-step process—sooner or later, you just need to take a deep breath and spread your wings. With Taking Flight as your guide, there’s no doubt that when you do, your creativity will soar.

About the Author
Kelly Rae Roberts is a mixed-media artist who neglected her creative dreams until she was 30 years old. Once she began to listen and nurture her creative voice, her life exploded with a joy she hadn’t known before. She’s had several articles published in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and has been featured in various mixed-media books by her peers. Her paintings are collected worldwide and she is consistently accepted to show at juried art festivals around the country.  Learn more about her at www.kellyraeroberts.com.”



Trust me, this book is a feast for the eyes as well as to the heart and soul!  I can’t wait to get started..anyway, I found Kelly Rae’s blog, and discovered she has a very cool blog candy/giveaway going on right now..click here to read all about it.

I’ve decided that since her book means so much to me, and she has inspired me to spread my wings, I’d like to give that opportunity to someone else as well.  I feel so blessed to be a part of the creative word again, and to be learning again!  Donate to Kelly Rae’s “Calling All Hearts,” and then leave a comment there (so you’re eligible for her giveaway) and here (this post) saying you’ve donated (I’ll trust that you did!  LOL), and next week Monday I’ll announce the winner of a copy of her book!

If you absolutely can’t live without this book, order it here for only$15.63 (plus it’s eligible for FREE shipping with Amazon Prime).

Thanks for stopping by!  And remember…live life inspired!


What say you?

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