I’m Back! Plus “Stampin’ Up Online Ordering!” Is Now Live

New_picture Yes, I’m finally back!  I’ve been on an extended vacation, visiting my children and two granddaughters for a little over a month.  I really had planned on it being a "working" vacation, but Kristen’s (my youngest granddaughter) puppy, the loveable Bassett Hound, Bubba, chewed up my glasses a couple days after my arrival!  I absolutely cannot see anything close without them-no reading, no stamping, no posting to my blog!!!  I tried a pair of "drugstore" glasses to tide me over until I was able to get in to see an optometrist and order a new pair of reading glasses, and "thought" they’d work out, but they made my headache so excruciating I ended up in Urgent Care and had to get a morphine injection…which actually made me tired enough to sleep and greatly diminished the pain after ten minutes or so…but, despite the injection of anti-nausea medication, I still got violently ill, and spent the next 8 hours or so in the bathroom…needless to say, the "nausea" made the headache worse, so all in all the drugstore glasses didn’t work out very well…sigh…but I have new glasses now, and I’m ready to get back to "work."Picture_118_copy

Stampin’ Up! has announced some very exciting news the past few months – from the beautiful Decor Elements (vinyl wall art), the Big Shot and tons of cool accessories, AND now all my customers can order ONLINE directly from my SU Demonstrator web site!  I’ve checked it out, and believe me it’s easy! 

To order online, just click on the link to my Demo web site.  You can also order from the Stampin’ Up! customer home page by using the demo finder.  Type in my name (Anita Van Hal), or city (Beulah) or state (ND)…when you click search, my name and demo web site will come up.  Click on my web site address, and it will take you to my Demo home page.  At the top it will have a link for online ordering.  That’s it!  You can pay by check or credit card too!

The online catalog is categorized and VERY easy to use!  Check out my online projects – projects you won’t see on my blog!  Please check it out TODAY, and be sure to check out the online promotion -a great deal for new stamp sets!


Be sure to sign up for my newsletter as well (see the link in the upper right-hand corner of sidebar)!  I’ll be getting that out in just a few days, and it will include some fun projects as well as product details, class kits, and more!  You won’t want to miss this issue!


  1. Oh no!! what a cute puppy…but he does look a little guilty, doesn’t he?!

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