Happy New Year!


Usually when I try making resolutions I lose steam about one week into the New Year.  For many years I haven’t given much thought to making any new ones…but this year I plan to make goals, not “resolutions,” and journal them.  I’ve been wanting to start an art journal for awhile now, and actually started my first two-page spread a couple months ago (yes, that would be two months).  I felt totally overwhelmed, and very unfocused.  I decided to enroll in a couple of art classes…both of which begin soon.  One is being taught by the very talented Paulette Insall, and the other by equally talented Pam Carriker.  If you’re a regular reader of any Stampington publications or Cloth, Paper, Scissors, you’re probably familiar with their beautiful work.  I’m very excited to begin, and view these classes in addition to my graphic design studies to be the launch of fulfilling my 2009 goals…all of which involve creating art. 

I want to be more consistent, focused, and most of all, desire to find my “voice.”  I’ve been feeling like I’m just kind of fluttering around (and if you’d see how I work in my studio, fluttering is an understatement–must be that ADD thing!), and not accomplishing all I should or desire.  This may sound a bit cliche’, but I want to be free to be me, whatever that is.  I will equip myself with whatever tools will help me accomplish what I desire.  I will create more and think about it less.  I will spend more time in my studio and listen to my heart.

I need to write my goals down, and check them off as I complete them.  Hopefully, I will share with you the goals I’ve accomplished and how I accomplished them.  I’ll also try to share more techniques and tips.

Thank you for being faithful readers, and for the encouragement you’ve given me.  It’s been a good year for me…and I look forward to the new one!!!

I wish all my friends and family a very happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!

Inky hugs!


What say you?

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