Draw, Doodle, and Decorate! You NEED to check these out!

I try not to spend too much time blog hopping…but, since I rarely watch TV, and I don't go out to movies or anything I view it as my entertainment as well as my inspiration time…

A couple weeks I was clicking on someone's favorite blog list in the sidebar, and found this blog:

Draw Doodle and Decorate

Eden was just finishing up her big project making doodle cards to sell on Etsy.  OMG…be still my beating heart!  I love doodling, but when I "attempt" to do so, my mind goes blank…I can't think of anything and usually end up making the same doodles over and over in my art journal…now I'll have enough to last me for a long, long, time!

On her blog, Eden says, "I’m offering 3 different sets.  Each set will include 10 prints with 6 doodle designs per print.  So that’s 60 designs per set.  If you purchase the entire collection (SET 1-3) you will receive 180 designs.  Buying multiple sets entitles you to a discount."

This is one card…

These were just made available for purchase on Etsy…PLUS…if you order all three there is a price break, AND if you enter the code ETSY 10, you get an additional 10% off…these are awesome…and these are all the designs included in three sets…

So, head on over to Etsy…be sure to use the discount code…and tell Eden that Anita sent you!

Thanks again for stopping by today…and as always…

Hugs and Toodles!



  1. This is FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much for the shout out!!

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