Aaah, Those Wonderful Scents…and Other “Stuff”

Aaahhh, the scents of spring…actually, spring here in western ND is quite late, but finally, after enduring over five months of snow on the ground and two floods, it is finally here!  The grass is green and growing and buds are appearing on the trees and shrubs.  And, there is nothing quite like the smell […]

Lipstick Ranch – KC Willis Collage Camp

I’m a workshop junkie…there I’ve said it!  This year has been absolutely fabulous!  While I have always loved learning, this year I’ve made it intentional by focusing on the skills/crafts I’ve always wanted to learn but was too afraid to try…but now fear has a new name, and it’s name is freedom.  Free to dream, […]

April Flood…Chris and Buddy

As you may remember me mentioning, we’ve had two floods within the past month as well as snowstoms…the second flood was largely the result of the snow received during the blizzard.  While we were very fortunate (and extremely thankful) the floodwaters did not reach our home, there were over 80 homes flooded in the south […]

Have a Blessed Easter!

Usually, when we have a late Easter, the grass is getting green, birds are singing, tulips are starting to bloom, and if you take a drive in the country you’re sure to find some crocuses…but alas, not this year!  We still have quite a bit of snow on the ground, and we are in a […]

Milliande’s Creativity Club Community for Women

Wow…I can’t believe how lax I am with my blogging lately!  It’s certainly not because I haven’t been keeping busy…and I’ll really, really try to do better… If you’ve ever wanted to attend classes by those uber-talented artists…but lack either time and/or money, then on-line classes may be the answer to your dreams!  It truly […]

Feeling Inspired? Me too!

This year, 2009, I’m dedicating to paying more attention to my world, and I especially want to pay attention to the things that inspire me…I’ve been asked that a lot…through groups I belong to, from artists’ blog posts…and from the inspiration art journal that I’m making in Paulette Insall’s Inspiration Art Journal class.  Now, I […]

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