April Flood…Chris and Buddy

Chrisandbuddy As you may remember me mentioning, we’ve had two floods within the past month as well as snowstoms…the second flood was largely the result of the snow received during the blizzard.  While we were very fortunate (and extremely thankful) the floodwaters did not reach our home, there were over 80 homes flooded in the south end of our small town, and six more that have been condemned because of flood damage to foundations and basements.  The flood came within 1 1/2-2 blocks of our home the first time, and about three blocks the second…the day before the second flood crested, my dear husband took my black cockapoo Buddy for his daily walk, following the bike path to Riverside Park…this is very much a daily ritual for Buddy and Chris, and has been since Buddy was a puppy…he’s six now…he LOVES to walk…and if he’s unable to go for even a few days due to inclement weather he becomes obnoxious…very obnoxious…

Because of the first flood and then the blizzards, Chris and Buddy were unable to go to Riverside Park for a least a couple weeks…until the day before the second flood…it was relatively nice except for the water spilling over the Knife River’s banks…and Buddy was becoming very obnoxious…so Chris put the leash on him and figured he’d take him at least as far as the floodwaters so Buddy could see for himself that there would be no fun romp in the park…Chris said it was hilarious when they reached the edge of the floodwaters that were running over the bike path…Buddy stepped into the water and barked and barked…sounding as angry as a little black cockapoo can sound…what Chris didn’t know was that there was a newspaper reporter standing on the edge of Highway 49 (which runs through Beulah) taking pictures of the rising water for the newspaper, and this hilarious moment is forever enshrined in our small weekly newspaper, The Beulah Beacon.


I’m thankful that the floodwaters have finally receded and we’ve received no snow for a couple weeks now…truly…over five months with snow on the ground is extreme even for ND…however, there are still many communities in our state that are still suffering flooding…damage and loss to homes and businesses, farmers and ranchers suffering huge losses to their livestock, equipment and pastures…sewers backing up…roads and bridges washing out…and even human loss which is the most devasting…our hearts and prayers go out to those who have lost so much…certainly worse than a little dog’s daily walk to the park…

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