1stSaturday minishop – mayBIRDS at EVB Studio


(above:  examples of mayBIRDS the next 1stSATURDAY minishop!)

It’s time for the 1st Saturday minishop at Marie Gibbons’ EVB Studio (http://evbstudiohome.ning.com).  Everyone in the artsy crafty world, whether a scrapbooker, rubber stamper, atered or mixed media artist, knows that stylized birds are HOT!  Now, instead of purchasing those expensive birds to alter how about making your own?

The workshops that Marie puts together are suitable for beginners and up. If you’ve never touched clay you may want to join in on the Hand-building 101, which is FREE. It will give you the basics of hand-building and walk you through some simple projects to try.

Marie strives to put together workshops that are geared for success, and gives you something to be proud of. Most of all, she feel that her job as an instructor is to instill PERMISSION to all of her students, permission to create, to experience, experiment, and to be excited about the medium of clay! Check out the sub-page under Workshops: videoINTRO for a little look at different workshops and the pieces that you can make there!!


You can work with a variety of clays, all getting the same great results!! AIR DRY SCULPTING CLAY, AIR DRY PAPER CLAY, POLYMER CLAY (please note that Marie doesn’t teach polymer techniques) and of course REGULAR STONEWARE CLAYS (remember these need firing, so you will need access to a kiln)

All workshops will remain open to new members indefinitely, meaning you can join any workshop at any time, even after it’s posted start date and participate in that project. All pdf instructions, videos, and student conversations will always be available to you in the workshop post. And, you can always ask Marie for assistance if you need it.

To join a workshop group: click on the workshop of your choice, request to join, and she will then invoice you through paypal and once your payment is received you will receive an email inviting you into the group.

DO IT!! Pick a workshop that interests you and give it a try; they are great fun, and easy to do!! You may be surprised just how addicting clay can be!!!  Oh, and they’re only $10!!!

Thanks for stopping by!



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