12 Tags of Christmas Day 3…

To say that I’m a huge Tim Holtz fan is an understatement…and to say that I’m so grateful for Tim doing another series of the 12 Tags of Christmas this year…well, his talent just about leaves me speechless…this is tag 3…be sure to read all about it here:


Be sure to leave a comment on his blog post too…he’s giving away some amazing prizes each day.

And, just to let you know that I do indeed still have a pulse, I’m still breathing, and I’m still creating…in about a week I have some exciting news to share!  This past month or two have been so busy for me…I may have mentioned that I enrolled in a graphic design course this past summer, and let’s just say that it’s certainly stretching me, and I am learning a lot!  I tend to be more academic and less artistic, so it’s been a challenge, but hey…that’s what I’m taking the course for!  Also, I just started a new job a month ago (has it been that long already?)…it’s perfect for me…it’s a work at home job…so far so good…I work on a computer…even better…and I take orders for fast food restaurants…that’s correct…for several hours a day I say, “hi, make I take your order please?”  And I enter the order on the computer screen with the help of little pictures of the food items…kind of like playing the video game Diner Dash!  I really like it…it gives me some “spending” money, I’m done by 11:00 AM almost every day…the company I work for supplied me with a new computer with a big flat screen monitor and reimburses me for my DSL.  Doesn’t get much better than that!  So, I’m still here…just trying to get everything I need to do into some sort of schedule…busy, but I like having something to do.  I’ve had my headache for over four years now…no cure in sight (yet), haven’t worked at a “real” job in over three years since I had to quit my last one due to the headache…so at least I’m feeling like I contribute something to our household and it’s something I can do…

Thanks for stopping by…and hopefully I’ll have some new art to share with you soon!


What say you?

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