The Summer of Color – Blue Challenge

"Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again." – L. Frank Baum

Yay me!  One week down, nine more to go…this was easy to work into my busy life and I feel good I was able to complete it…I love blog challenges, because, well, they're challenging and help me to grow as an artist…my problem is I often don't work hard enough to commit or I'm too busy.  Right now school is kicking my butt…I have a few more days left of my first year as a graphic design student, and a three week break between quarters…that's not very long…I already have plans for my vacation, which don't include a "real" vacation, but still will be something fun!  And exciting!  And…I can't tell you yet…but soon!


Anyway, getting back to my blue color challenge…I made a little quilt…it's only 5 x 5 inches (so easy when you use charm packs…packages of precut fabric…usually 5 x 5 inches!)…I used plain white cotton for the back, and white-on-white cotton for the front…the dress is cut out of a shimmery blue cotton.  I also covered a 3/4" button with blue batik fabric and white lace, and backed the button with a scrap of the same lace and batik fabric…batiks are some of my favorite fabrics to work with because they're so "artsy!"  I made a little doodle in Photoshop for the quote by L. Frank Baum (of course everyone knows he is the author of the Wizard of Oz!), and printed it out on a transparency.


I used white cotton batting between my layers, and #5 perle cotton for all the stitching…blue variagated perle cotton for the blanket stitching, and white for the quilting…I love the texture the hand-quilting makes…and I love the sound of the thread coming through the fabric just as much…I love doing little bits of sewing…it helps to relieve the stress of schoolwork and anything else that might be going on…like the headache…

I have lots to do before Friday…I get my tri-monthly nerve blocks in the back of my head…I hate them…they're painful, they make me feel so sick for a couple of days, and they don't last much longer than a month…but…I love that most of the time the headache isn't as painful for that month, and I hope they're effective this time around because I plan on having a lot of fun for those three weeks of vacation…

Stay tuned for the color challenge for next week!  It's green!  Can't wait to play…

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!

Hugs and toodles!



  1. I love this, it is gorgbeous, and will look fantastic when you have a whole set of them.

  2. Oooh, this is so sweet! I love what you have done here – that little dress is perfect! Thank you for playing along – I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your color pieces 😉 If you haven’t done so already, please feel free to link this post to the new widget on the bottom of today’s blue post on my blog. That way, others can find your piece – you can also qualify for the blue giveaway by leaving a comment there. Thank you! Kristin xo

  3. thank you both! I can’t wait to see what the full set is going to look like…I plan on using the same type of fabric for the dresses…there are 50 (yes 50) different colors of that stuff…OMG…it’s like art on steroids! I “normally” would hoard something like that, but this fun summer challenge is perfect! Thanks Kristin for doing this!!!

  4. Yeah, it worked! Thanks for linking, xoxo

  5. mandy at eight is enough says

    o so cute as a abutton!!!xxx

  6. Oh I like so much that creation with fabric and sewing…you are so talentuous…I admire all the other things you create and I realise how much I have to learn 😉

  7. This is so cute; I love the dimension of the dress~!

  8. Absolutely charming piece!

  9. not only is this the cutest, but I LOVE that quote! So perfect!

  10. Totally totally cute… I love handsewing but really don’t do enough of it 😀

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