Doll Dream – An Interview with Adriana Almanza of Doll Dreams!

Adriana Almanza is a lifelong artist.  Originally from Mexico, she lives in Germany with her German husband, and they have one son.  Ady is one of the most helpful, generous artists I know…she never seems too busy to offer help and assistance to her students.  And, she firmly believes in teaching all she knows!  It […]

My Newest Workshop “Things with Wings” is at Willowing & Friends!

Hi everyone!  It's finally official!  The newest doll making workshop I'm co-teaching is being held at Willowing & Friends and registration is now open! I'm co-teaching this workshop with my friend, Brianne Boyd.  She is a former student of mine, and now we're on a doll designing/doll teaching adventure together!  She is married and has […]

What I’m working on now…

What do these beautiful hand-dyed cotton fabrics and scrim, and hand-dyed batiks… and this have in common? They're all part of the new online doll workshop I'm currently working on!  All I CAN say right now is that I love working with pretty colors, and I LOVE working on this class…more details soon!  I promise! […]

Where Bloggers Create II

I know I’m forgetful, but seriously…I totally forgot about the second annual blog hop, “Where Bloggers Create!”   So, without further ado, I thought I’d better share at least a couple photos from my studio…bear in mind I did not clean it up, nor did I stage it “magazine pretty.”  This is literally where I create… […]

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