April Flood…Chris and Buddy

As you may remember me mentioning, we’ve had two floods within the past month as well as snowstoms…the second flood was largely the result of the snow received during the blizzard.  While we were very fortunate (and extremely thankful) the floodwaters did not reach our home, there were over 80 homes flooded in the south […]

I’m Back! Plus “Stampin’ Up Online Ordering!” Is Now Live

Yes, I’m finally back!  I’ve been on an extended vacation, visiting my children and two granddaughters for a little over a month.  I really had planned on it being a "working" vacation, but Kristen’s (my youngest granddaughter) puppy, the loveable Bassett Hound, Bubba, chewed up my glasses a couple days after my arrival!  I absolutely […]

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