Sewing with Oilcloth – Bookmobile Monday

Okay, okay…I know it's Tuesday, and I've totally blown off the last two Fridays for my 5 Things Friday…but in my defense I've been busy…we had lots of company and lots of traveling…but things are back to normal, so I'm excited to present a new release that looks to be a lot of fun.  The first and only time I've ever sewn oilcloth was almost 50 years ago when I was a Brownie (Girl Scouts)…we had to sew a "Sit-Upon," a little pad to sit on while eating a picnic or to rest on while hiking.  They had two ties so we could tie them around our waists and not have to carry them. 

I've noticed that more and more fabric companies are making designer fabric into oilcloth now, and I'm excited about that.  Oilcloth is so vertatile, and there are so many home decorating projects that can be made with it…so this book looks to be a lot of fun!


Available through, I'm also an Amazon afilitate so you can check out my "Favorites Store" if you like (right sidebar).

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and toodles! 



  1. Hi Anita, just read on your FB profile you are from North Dakota. You are in the “north” country like we are here in Ukraine. I”m sure your winters are much the same. My hubby is from South Dakota. I recall visiting there for Christmas and Thanksgiving and it was cold. We lived in Oklahoma at the time. Now we are used to it.
    Blessings, Coleen

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