Organizing and Dusting Off Some “New” Unused Tools

I’ve been busy-not busy designing so much (except in my mind), but "trying" to get organized (yes, still) and to be more efficient.  If you could see my studio right now, you’d know what a daunting task that is.  I don’t know if any of you have this problem, but just when I "think" I have something organized and in its place, I realize that it’s just not working for me.  If it’s too difficult to get out and takes too much time to put away at least one or two things happen:

1.  I don’t get it out because it’s too much trouble.

2.  If I do get it out, and it was a pain to do so, I probably won’t put it away.  If I do put it away, and it was difficult to get out in the first place, that means it’s NOT put away, it means I just stuck it on a shelf where I could squeeze it in–and that means that anything behind it won’t be taken out and used (see #1).

My major task for the past couple days has been cutting out the piles (yes, piles) of stamp sets that have been just sitting there.  I think I’m down to less than twelve to go.  Yes, twelve…sigh…I’m kind of a procrastinator.  And I have arthritis and carpal tunnel, so the effort to cut out rubber means that my hands will hurt the next day.  I’m making great strides though–I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I’d better–I think I have four new sets coming from Artistic Outpost tomorrow (I can’t wait-four new sets-and they’re gorgeous!)  Hopefully soon I’ll also have my first order from Stampin’ Up!’s new Spring and Summer collection and I can’t wait to show you all kinds of new stamps and techniques.  That is of course if I can make the gauntlet into my studio. 

I still haven’t unpacked all the "stuff" I took to my daughter’s last month because of #1 and #2 above.9de8619009a011851b426110_l_2   It’s easier to work out of my boxes and totes…more sighing…however, this IS the month I’m going to make some progress.  I’m determined.  I will.  AND, I will use all that "stuff" that I loved and just had to have, and now is sitting in the back of some shelf somewhere–alone and feeling abandoned.  I do have  some "help."  I’m a big fan of books in general, and a huge fan of books that I "think" will help me be more organized.  My current fave (that I’m actually using) is the "Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker."  It’s a beautiful and inspiring book, PLUS it has tons of really helpful information that helps you determine what kind of storage and organizational system and products that will be most helpful.  The pictures alone are worth the price of the book-I love most of the rooms featured.  Plus there is a workbook in a folder in the back to help get things on track.  I’m on chapter 2.  We’ll see how long this new obsession lasts!

Binditall_017a348x348 I did make a little progress this weekend.  I finally took my kind of new DreamKuts out of the box (is it "new" if it’s been out of the box once, used briefly, and because I couldn’t figure it out, went right back in the box?).  OMG!  I finally figured it out, and it works like it dream!  Wonder if that’s why it’s called "DreamKuts?"  I cut over 30 card fronts in a few minutes, AND all the edges were even and smooth!  And, my dh scored them all with the Scor-Pal I just had to have and hadn’t used.  That must have worked out well for him because he didn’t complain even once.Big_scorpal   

So, that’s what I’ve been up to the past three days.  Tomorrow I will post a new card (or something).  I have so much to share with you–if I could only get to the "stuff."  I have swaps to get done as well.  I mostly sign up for swaps because it forces me to come up with something new.  Of course I absolutely love getting something in the mail that’s not junk mail or a bill. 

I’ll get back on track…I promise.  I’ve had a chronic headache for over three years now, and for the past three months or so it’s been really bad.  It’s so hard to remember things, to concentrate, and to keep on task with anything–I’m so easily distracted anyway, but this makes it worse.  Next week Monday I’m getting nerve blocks done again–they are oh so painful–last time I had over 14 in the back of my head, neck, and upper back.  They weren’t as effective as they normally are–so I’m hoping…I can only get them done every three months.

So, keep on stamping and being creative, and I’ll have something for you tomorrow!


  1. I have same problem in my stamp room…If I can’t see it…It doesn’t get used! it is an on going problem…then when I “re-organize” I can’t remember whereI put things!! So sorry about your headachs!!! I can not even function when they are bad like that.

  2. great stuff to share. I have to get that organizing scrapbook space book.
    kathy sbs8

  3. I need to organize my cardstock and Paper ITs Horrible !!! I keep buying lots but can never find it !!!!Good Luck with organizing !

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