March 2012 Creative Color Challenge – Tranquil Blues

It's time for this month's Creative Color Challenge!  This month the color theme is "Tranquil Blues."

I chose to use the brighter color palette on the right…

I'm not really a "blue" person, but one reason I love doing color challenges is precisely because I don't pick the colors and therefore the colors may not be those I would "normally" pick…it's good to step outside the box from time to time to stretch those creative muscles a bit.  I think there is a part of us that feels safer going with something we're comfortable with…the tried and true.

Even though the colors may be chosen for you, there are still other considerations such as which colors to use or not…how much…which color or colors will be dominate…

As part of the challenge we could also share what we felt using these "tranquil" colors…well….I can't say I was totally comfortable with creating with so much blue but I do like the contrast and Louse Gale certainly picked a beautiful palette!  I decided to just have fun and play!

This is also a great way to develop new and unique color palettes by using a photo, and then in Photoshop, use the color selector tool to sample the palette…just as she has done here.  So, if you ever feel stuck and you're tired of doing the same thing over and over, do this…take a picture of something or look on the internet for colors that grab your attention, and try using them in your new art…you may discover, as I did, that using colors you normally wouldn't pick is not a bad thing…it's good to grow creatively.  Creativity breeds creativity!  So, reach into that box of crayons and scoop out those that have never been used!  You may just discover something that makes your heart sing!

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As always thanks for stopping by!

Hugs and toodles!



  1. Another beautiful artwork. I love the textured background, very funky design and some very wise words from Larry Bird. Fabulous!

  2. So glad you pushed through your (dis)comfort and made such a lovely piece Anita! I find this color challenge to be the one that stretches me the most. Color is so powerful and evokes such strong emotions. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for April!!

  3. So glad you joined the challenge, that is what is so fun about it, it can be challenging! Your piece turned out beautifully. April is definitely a challenge for me so I am so looking forward to seeing what everyone creates. Xx

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