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OMG!  I couldn't be more excited!  I'm finally ready to teach my first online mixed media class and it's with one of my favorite mixed media artists, Monica Zuniga of Hands and Heart.  I first fell in love with Monica's art a couple years ago…she paints the most beautiful faces with the most gorgeous eyes you've ever seen.  When she began offering online art classes, I was one of the first in line…and it was she who taught me how to draw…her drawing faces class was hugely popular, and she really did make the students believe that one can be taught to draw, no matter what your age!  She is an amazing instructor and very thorough.  I couldn't be more delighted collaborating with her for our first doll class, Moshi Moshi.  We were both inspired by the art of manga and anime, and when she started a manga art group at Hands and Hearts, I was ecstatic!  So, our first doll class is based on the chibi, or little girl.

As many of you know, I used to design and market my own line of folk art and dolls to over 100 gift shops all over the US and Japan, including Disney World.  I have literally created hundreds and hundreds of dolls!  I became extremely burned out and did virtually nothing creative for a long, long time…until I started rubber stamping several years ago…that led to altered art, and that led to the amazing world of mixed media (which actually is a lot of what I was doing more than 20 years ago!)…one thing as led to another, and now I've come full circle and I'm back to designing and creating dolls again…

This class is geared towards the beginner doll maker, but more experienced artists will find much to learn and enjoy as well!  We'll guide you through each step of the process and will be sharing tips and techniques to help guarantee your success!  We're so confident that you'll love this class and want to make more than one doll, that you'll be able to use our patterns to make and sell as many as you want (as well as gift them to your loved ones!)…

Each lesson will consist of step-by-step videos and PDFs with not only the patterns but detailed instructions as well, and you will be able to download and keep all the classroom resources!  We will be available "almost" 24/7 to answer your questions…and even though each week will have its own assignments, you can work at your own pace because you'll access to the classroom day or night!

This class will begin January 1…for more details about registration visit Monica's blog at:

or the Hands and Heart classroom at:

Check out the details for Monica's doll giveaway as well!

I hope to see you there!!!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by!

Hugs and Toodles!








  1. I am signed-up and soo happy to learn something new! I feel Monica is the best art teacher and creative one could know, and I love the idea of collaborating with a doll expert such as yourself! I find it wonderful that I just posted a bit ago about how much I love dolls, but I haven’t any. I think it is a wonderful coincidence and a great thing for me to warm-up to in this frigid Wisconsin weather! Thanks!

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